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The Wellerman

The Wellerman

Belgian DJ NIVIRO is the newest artist to release on Rave Culture with his brand new anthem, The Wellerman (Sea Shanty). Sea Shanties are at an all-time high thanks to a new breakout Tik Tok trend, also known as #ShantyTok. Started by Nathan Evans, who covered the original Wellerman song that went viral, amassing over 9.2M views. NIVIRO has re-imagined that same song with a true EDM flair. With an epic melody and chill-inducing vocals, the passionate synths are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. An addicting melody sung by NIVIRO himself, prepare to hum and chant alongside him with a fast-paced rhythm and eccentric beat. The theatrical track has many notable elements to help you imagine yourself at sea as you listen — you’ll be swept away in no time. All aboard!


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